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Exsil Transbra (Strap on Breast Forms)

The Exsil Transbra consists of a pair of medical silicone gel Breast forms, which can be worn without a brassiere. (Straps attached to the Breast Forms)

Great for the TG community, theatrical performances and for substantial breast augmentation.

Adjustable side straps:

The side straps of any form size come with three girth sizes 
Small:             87 - 94 cm
Medium:        94 - 103 cm
Large:           103 - 110 cm


Form sizes 1 - 8:  Full silicone gel breast forms       Form sizes 9-13:  Silicone Shell forms
                                                                                                       with fiber pillows

Sizes 8 - 13 feature individual volume
adjustment by adding or removing fibers





The girth size is adjustable by means of a velcro strap on the backside.f



The strap on Transbra is available with or without built in nipples in sienna or mocha color.


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