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           The only self adhesive bra
           that comes with renewable adhesive

         Femme natural

    self adhesive braThe ultimate ventilated

  1.   ....strapless
  2.       ... self adhesive
  3.     silicone bra
  4. Women use to worry about how long their current adhesive bra will actually last.

    They are worried about the bra coming off as the adhesive is wearing out gradually and the bra becomes disposable.

   Exsil introduces its new  permanent
self adhesive bra...

Femme natural not only comes with a ventilation system (patent pending) to preserve as often as I want...the durability of the adhesive.....

           .... but further more ...

 Femme natural aleady comes with three adhesive reloads and one can always purchase more adhesive to renew adhesive power.

As one woman says: I like the idnot only for a couple of timesea of using a self adhesive strapless bra but I find it hard to believe that the adhesive will work for more than a couple of times. Its more like a disposable bra, I think.

Femme natural is permanent:

If the user needs to restore full original adhesivdont worry, it wont come offe power, she just uses the attached adhesive reload and within the hour the self adhesive bra maybe used again.

New adhesive maybe used whenever an extra feel of security
is desired.


Already have a self adhesive bra that has lost its grip?

No problem, Femme naturadhesive dual syringeal silicone adhesive dual syringe will most likely renew old adhesive bras grip too.


Femme natural special
self adhesive bra features:

Why is Femme natural different?
renewable adhesive dual syringe

Dynamic ventilation system:

Regular self adhesive bras tend to have very poor ventilation. This usually causes sweat build up which in turn will affect adhesion power.

Femme natural has a built in ventilation chamber and channels (patent pending) to help prevent sweat generation and adhesive collapse due to moist and liquid body fluids. In addition, good ventilation will enhance  comfort level when wearing Femme natural self adhesive bra.

Renewable adhesive power:

Femme naturaladhesive renovation comes with a dual syringe that contains two component 100% silicone adhesive.

Unlike regular self adhesive bras Femme naturaladhesive syringe lets the user restore adhesive grip whenever  needed. Simply remove old and worn out excess adhesive and dispense a volume of new silicone adhesive into the bra, mix with a tee adhesive mixingspoon and fan it out, evenly  covering the entire inner side of the bra cup.

Let the adhesive set at room temperature and use the self adhesive bra all over again with its original adhesive power after a 1 hour set time (cure time).

No hassle, clean, simple, convenient.Femme naturnon disposable braal is not a disposable self adhesive bra. It can be used  for as many times as desired.


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