Manufacturer of highly realistic Silicone breast forms with life like nipples, natural droop and mobility at affordable prices.

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self adhering breast form

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New developments:

realistic post mastectomy breast forms
 Realistic breast forms

natural bra forms with  natural droop
The perfect breast

Very large breast forms 46 E, 2,2 kg each
 Very large breast forms

perfect buttocks with silicone explants
  Perfect buttocks

skin attachable breast forms
Attachable breast forms

ventilated self adhesive bra
Adhesive bra ventilated

Breast enhancers

   Breast enhancers

silicone explants in general
  Breast and gluteal 

silicone flesh seat cushion
  Silicone flesh cushion

silicone sheets for scar treatment
   Scar removal
   silicone sheets

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Exsil self adhering breast forms

Breast form with silicone patches

Breast form with silicone patches

removable and reusable patches

Reusable hundreds of times

separately available patches

Patches available separately

Exsil self adhering breast forms

Main features:

...usable with any fashion bra.

...adhesive patches can be removed and transferred to be used with any regular breast form. removing the adhesive patches, the self adhering breast form can also be used as a regular breast form.

...reusable hundreds of times if maintained as instructed.

...provides a feeling of “myself” .

An important feature to enhance user satisfaction.

 Why self adhering breast forms?
(Regular breast forms as opposed to self adhering breast forms)

The sense of “myself”
Regular external silicone breast forms are worn within a special brassiere which generally features inner pockets to hold the breast form securely in place.
This concept works fine for most situations, however, superior wearer comfort and a most realistic sense of “myself” can only be accomplished with breast forms that can be adhered directly to the chest wall.

Since a breast form within a bra pocket is not in contact with the wearer’s skin, obviously it cannot be felt as being a part of the body.
Rather, the breast form is sustained exclusively by the brassiere as opposed to being attached to the chest wall like a natural breast.

Realistic mobility when exercising.
Furthermore, if the pocketed brassiere is less then perfect, the form may even develop an unnatural mobility, particularly during activities such as jogging, playing tennis, horseback riding, dancing or other exercises.

One common problem with large breast forms
Also, not rarely, due to the total weight of the breast form being carried by the bra particularly when using large breast forms, significant part of that weight is directed to the bra straps, thus often causing discomfort and even pain in the shoulder region.


Self adhering breast forms, the ultimate in breast prosthetics.
Self adhering breast forms have quickly become state of the art. Their weight is not any more sustained exclusively by the brassiere, but mostly, due to the adhesion directly to the chest wall of the wearer, by the skin itself, very much like a natural breast. This new concept allows for the close resemblance of the behavior of a real female breast in all daily life situations.

In addition, only a self adhering breast form benefits the wearer with an unequaled realistic feeling, because when attached to the skin, it becomes a part of the body and feels as such.
A self adhering breast form is by definition a functional prosthesis rather than an external breast form.

How does it work?
Self adhering breast forms are designed to be attached against the chest wall in order to absorb the horizontal and vertical shear forces that occur with body motions and therefore not allowing the forms to develop their own independent mobility, particularly during more vigorous body movements.

No mastectomy brassiere needed.
However, self adhering breast forms are not self sustaining and must still be used with a bra or tight clothing to apply moderate pressure onto the breast forms and against the chest wall. Nevertheless, any fashion bra will be appropriate and there is no need for special mastectomy brassieres.

Reusable and renewable silicone adhesive.
Exsil self adhering silicone breast forms come with exclusive, unique reusable, 100% silicone adhesive patches that will adhere directly to the skin and to the breast form, thus forming a consistent, almost flesh like elastic self adhering silicone layer between the breast form and the body.
The silicone adhesive patches are removable, very durable and will work hundreds of times when used according to the instructions, (cleaning with soap and water after each use is mandatory).

Exsil Silicone adhesive patches are available as a separate sales item.



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