Manufacturer of highly realistic Silicone breast forms with life like nipples, natural droop and mobility at affordable prices.

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New developments:

realistic post mastectomy breast forms
 Realistic breast forms

natural bra forms with  natural droop
The perfect breast

Very large breast forms 46 E, 2,2 kg each
 Very large breast forms

perfect buttocks with silicone explants
  Perfect buttocks

skin attachable breast forms
Attachable breast forms

ventilated self adhesive bra
Adhesive bra ventilated

Breast enhancers

   Breast enhancers

silicone explants in general
  Breast and gluteal 

silicone flesh seat cushion
  Silicone flesh cushion

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Post mastectomy

     The most competitive external silicones ....                            worldwide...!

    Field of application:

    Exsil External silicone gel prosthesis Exsil may be used after total or conservative mastectomy in conjunction with a special brassiere to receive the breast prosthesis, holding it in place securely and comfortably.lingerie brassiere for breast prosthesis

    Alternatively, medical adhesives may be used to attach the breast form directly to the skin.

    Since silicone gel prosthesis have life like consistency and mobility, they are of great assistance for a successful emotional and psychological post surgical recuperation, as well as for reestablishing a normal lifestyle.

    Exsil external silicone breast forms have been approved by more than 200 000 users, both in South America and abroad

    Materials applied:

    Exsil uses only high quality silicone raw materials from internationally consolidated westernsilicone gel polymer  manufacturers.

    Raw material quality assurance is industry standard and contributes for high reproducibility of quality levels in the end product.

    Specialty Polyurethane film material is employed as the outer skin membraneexternal skin (a Bayer product), fully tested as being highly suitable for direct contact with the human skin. Narrow extrusion parameters yield a highly homogeneous product throughout production runs. The material has extraordinary puncture resistance rendering the silicone breast prosthesis very durable under normal handling conditions.

Exsil external silicone post mastectomy breast forms

Exsil breast forms have been marketed for more than 10 years internationally under various trademarks and have proven quality and state of the art design. There is a two years limited warranty for all exsil breast forms. breast cancer prosthesis tear form
These are available in the most popular shapes such as the tear shape
(above) and the triangle shape.

The tear shape is particularly useful after total mastectomy, whereas the triangle shapepost mastectomy prosthesis tria is being preferred for con - servative surgeries. (right)

Both are available as an ultra light version, featuring a weight reduction of approximately 20 -25 % as compared to a regular breast forms.

Available sizes for all shapes : Nr. 1 though 12.external prosthesis with nipple

Also, all breast forms may come with an internally built in nipple in mocha or sienna color.

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