Manufacturer of highly realistic Silicone breast forms with life like nipples, natural droop and mobility at affordable prices.

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New developments:

realistic post mastectomy breast forms
 Realistic breast forms

natural bra forms with  natural droop
The perfect breast

Very large breast forms 46 E, 2,2 kg each
 Very large breast forms

perfect buttocks with silicone explants
  Perfect buttocks

skin attachable breast forms
Attachable breast forms

ventilated self adhesive bra
Adhesive bra ventilated

Breast enhancers

   Breast enhancers

silicone explants in general
  Breast and gluteal 

silicone flesh seat cushion
  Silicone flesh cushion

silicone sheets for scar treatment
   Scar removal
   silicone sheets

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    May we invite you to take a quick tour through our manufacturing plant and show you the making of a high quality external silicone breast form? ...please come in!  

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Exsil external silicone breast forms and breast enhancers are made from 4
            carefully selected key raw materials:

puncture resisting film02

Ultra thin, high tear strength PUR translucid film  (the external skin of a breast form)


silicone gel02

High purity, high durability silicone gel
(We use high purity siloxane oligomers as raw material
for the polymerisation of the vinyl end capped and addition cross linkable poly siloxane polymer).


platinum dosage02

High efficiency platinum catalysts
(the platinum compound promotes the cure of the silicone to a gel consistency).


platinum solution

Adhesion promotion compound
(to ensure perfect adhesion of the silicone gel polymer to the PUR skin for maximum durability of the breast form).


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Basic Manufacturing steps:


We need to thermoform the outer skin into the shape of a front and back side breast form. This is done in a heated mold and vacuum.

thermoforming process over tear form mold02

thermoforming over tear shape mold02

nipple preformed and precured

  After the application of the silicone gel nipple inside the front skin and the completion of its curing cycle , we can then form a closed envelope by welding together front skin and back skin alongside its perimeter.
Yet, we leave a small orifice on the top of the envelope through which we shall fill in the liquid silicone gel later..

welded outline

polymer distilling

filtering process of polymer

  Now we need to prepare the silicone gel. After polymerizing and end capping the siloxane intermediate, we need to purify the resulting silicone gel polymer from volatile components by filtering and a following distillation process at 200 o C under high vacuum.

  The result is a viscous, high purity, transparent, 100% silicone liquid with a content of 99,95% of non volatiles, a silicone polymer which is useful for medical applications.
In order to form a silicone gel suitable for a breast forms, the polymer needs to be cross linked by means of a “cross linker compound” and a platinum catalyst.

ready polymer after distilling volatiles

stripped volatiles02

platinum dosage02

platinum catalyst raw materials

  To “cure” the polymer to a gel, we now admix the cross linker/Platinum compound in an adequate ratio to accomplish a life like mobility and consistency.

lab exsil 002

gel quality control

  The silicone polymer, cross linker and platinum compounds are now inspected by quality control and released for manufacturing.


filling station

  Now we fill the liquid cross linker compound and platinum catalyst containing silicone gel into the skin..



  After curing the silicone polymer to a gel, the breast forms are being conducted to the finishing department. 

  Finally, the filling orifice is closed, the excess skin trimmed, and after a final inspection, the breast forms are ready to be packed into master cartons for warehousing and shipping.



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click here to see a slide show of the finished realistic breast form.

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