Manufacturer of highly realistic Silicone breast forms with life like nipples, natural droop and mobility at affordable prices.

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Details Breast forms

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New developments:

realistic post mastectomy breast forms
 Realistic breast forms

natural bra forms with  natural droop
The perfect breast

Very large breast forms 46 E, 2,2 kg each
 Very large breast forms

perfect buttocks with silicone explants
  Perfect buttocks

skin attachable breast forms
Attachable breast forms

ventilated self adhesive bra
Adhesive bra ventilated

Breast enhancers

   Breast enhancers

silicone explants in general
  Breast and gluteal 

silicone flesh seat cushion
  Silicone flesh cushion

silicone sheets for scar treatment
   Scar removal
   silicone sheets

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Exsil external silicone breast forms,

                    Basic shapes

Tear shape:

breast prosthesis tear front
breast prosthesis tear back

    Front view                       Back view
         (fabric covers available upon request as separate sales item)       

Triangle shape:

breast prosthesis triangle front breast prosthesis triangle back

     Front view                       Back view

Available variations of basic shapes: other shapes are available within the breast enhancers/explants categories

The basic breast form shapes are available in a variety of variations


      bullet03   Caucasian / ebony skin tones

      bullet04   Outer skin finish

      bullet04   Realistic nipple area design

      bullet04   Ultra light version

      bullet04   Shell form epithesis

      bullet04   Breast augmentation and enhancement devices

      bullet05   Self adhering breast forms 

Exsil external silicone breast forms are available in two basic skin tones, caucasion and ebony:

Caucasion skin toneThough there are hundreds of skin tones, it is not possible to find the exact match of ones skin tone on a breast form, however, our selected skin tone shades for both
Caucasian and Ebonyebony skin tone skins are quite representative.

The ebony colored breast forms are slightly translucent so as to allow the form to adjust its appearance to the wearers actual skin tone.


 Exsil silicone breast forms are available with a traditional, well known shiny
outer skin finish (left picture), however, also with a novel, matt, flesh like silky finish that resembles closely the texture of human skin.regular, shiny finish matt, silky, skin like finish

The matt finish, ( right picture) is accomplished by a separate manufacturing process and adds significant perceived value to the product.


While all Exsil breast forms have a slightly visible, protruded non colored built in nipple, large realistic nipple and areolaa colored Realistic nipple/areola design with regular and large protrusion is also available, particularly with breast forms for men.

In addition, as a recent Exsil development, the nipple/areola may be ordered with an astonishingly realistic appearance.

Available nipple/areola colors are pink, mocha sienna or custom colors.



  • Realistic nipple/areola designs are a unique feature of Exsil silicone breastforms. Regular and large nipple protrusions are available.

(Exsil colored nipples/areolas are not stand alone (attached) items, but are rather built into the breast form as an integrated design feature).

regular protrusion realistic sienna nipple
large protrusion realistic sienna nipple regular protrusion realistic mocha nipple areola rosada

watch the realistic nipple slide show showing all versions. NavRight0202

Ultralight versions of both, triangle and tear drop breast forms are becoming very popular, particularly with users of larger breast forms. Here is why:

    ultralight prosthesis backsideRegular silicone breast forms, worn within a pocketed bra, even though presenting approximately the same weight as a natural breast, tend to cause discrete pain in the shoulder, due to the fact that virtually all the weight of the form has to be supported by the bra’s shoulder strap, as opposed to a natural breast, whose weight is being evenly distributed throughout the chest wall, where it is naturally attached to.
    This is especially a problem with users of larger breast forms.
    The pain in the shoulder may cause a viciously faulty posture which in turn may jeopardize the normal alignment of the spine.Ultra light, unique  design features
    The Exsil ultra light breast form features about 20 % less weight than a regular breast form and helps therefore to alleviate the above mentioned symptoms.

    Mobility and touch are unsurpassed features of this unique product line.

    The weight reduction is accomplished by replacing some of the breast forms gel volume by an internal air pocket.

Shell formAlso into this category belong the Shell forms which are used as an epithesis. Shell form with microfiber backing pillow for  individual volume adjustment. (Adjustable epithesis after  partial mastectomy) by adding or removing fiber content

Ideal for breast conserving surgeries, lumpectomy, or breast reconstruction, these shells either triangle or tear drop shaped are light weighted and perfect for surface modeling, i.e. for covering and/or leveling existent breast tissue.

As a recent development, Exsil has presented its
Novel breast augmentation system, which is ideal for individuals that want to accomplish augmentation effects that are only possible by large implants.

Perky breast bra with realistic nipple and areola

The Exsil external silicone Perky breast bra consists of a pair of silicone breast forms, that resemble a perfect female breast.Perky breast bra available optionally with fiber back up
It is designed as a strap on breast form bra, whereby the bra is actually a breast form...,
..... and the breast form is a bra.....!



Silicone adhesive patches that are reusableSelf adhering breast forms. For many breast form users it is very important that the breast form be worn with a regular fashion bra rather than with a pocketed mastectomy bra. Also, a most realistic sense of “myself” can only be accomplished with breast forms that are adhered directly to the chest wall. Exsil offers unique 100% silicone adhesive patches that are reusable almost infinitely.

  • Available prosthesis sizes :     # 1 through 13 see sizing chart
      (all variations)
  • Materials:  Silicone Gel:       100% platinum catalyzed addition crosslinked Poly- siloxane,
               Outer skin:       Hypoallergenic PUR film envelope. (Bayer)

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