Manufacturer of highly realistic Silicone breast forms with life like nipples, natural droop and mobility at affordable prices.

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Details breast enhancers

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New developments:

realistic post mastectomy breast forms
 Realistic breast forms

natural bra forms with  natural droop
The perfect breast

Very large breast forms 46 E, 2,2 kg each
 Very large breast forms

perfect buttocks with silicone explants
  Perfect buttocks

skin attachable breast forms
Attachable breast forms

ventilated self adhesive bra
Adhesive bra ventilated

Breast enhancers

   Breast enhancers

silicone explants in general
  Breast and gluteal 

silicone flesh seat cushion
  Silicone flesh cushion

silicone sheets for scar treatment
   Scar removal
   silicone sheets

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Femme complement

Exsil external silicone
breast enhancer pads:

silicone enhancer pad02 click to enlarge: before click to enlarge: after

Fits any bra, for cleavage and push up

enhancer pad A/B, click for larger image enhancer  pad 3/4, click for larger image
enhancer pad B/C, click for larger image enhancer pad C/D, click for larger image DSC00579

     Size A/B          Size B/C         Size C/D       Size 3/4      push up pillow

  •   Materials:  Gel:           100% platinum catalyzed addition crosslinked Poly Siloxane,
                Outer skin:      Antiallergic PUR film envelope. (Bayer)
  •   Available skin tones:        Caucasian, ebony
  •   Finish:                  Matt, life like finish or shiny finish

Femme plus

Exsil external silicone
breast enhancement bras:

Tania, click to enlarge
Anita, click to enlarge Luisa, click to enlarge

The instant silicone a fashion bra..!

The Breast enhancement bras come with a
100% silicone gel breast enhancement pad.
removable, click to enlarge
The silicone gel breast enhancer is easily inserted into a bra pocket.and may be easily removed for laundering.

Material, shape, consistency, mobility, touch and weight of the silicone gel pad are features that are identical with surgical implants, silicone enhancer pad A/Bproviding an instant implant like breast augmentation effect.

Both, the bra and the silicone gel breast enhancer are available separately.

Patsy, click to enlarge
Livia, click to enlarge
Mona, click to enlarge
silicone enhancer pad tear drop

secure pad positioning

modern fashion
 bra design

low cost implant effect

Bra materials: 
Microfiber, 80 % polyamide, 20 % Elastan
Colors: black, white, beige, salmon
Transparent straps: Polyurethane


Femme natural

more details

ultimate self adhesive silicone bras:

femme natural

Pure silicone, backless, strapless, self adhesive.


ventilation channels, click to enlargeVentilated silicone bra for wearer comfort and adhesive durability.

Patent pending ventilation channels on the inside of the bra cups circulate air as the bra cups are worn. Increases efficiency with increasing activity..

 The only self adhesive bra that comes with an adhesive renewal kit. No more comes with renewer adhesive, click to enlargedisposable adhesive bras.

Renewer Adhesive for three applications included so that the self adhesive bra lasts three times more than others. 

Very easy do it yourself adhesive radhesive renewal, click to enlargeenewal within minutes.Very easy do it yourself adhesive renewal within minutes.



Adhesive is also available as separate item.adhesive kit, click to enlarge

Adhesive is also available as separate sales item.

Femme natural lite

femme natural lite push up

Backless, self adhesive, the ultimate push up bra


femme natural lite push upThe only breathable self adhesive backless push up bra made from state of the art Polyurethane open cell foam, externally covered with microfiber fabric and on the inside with permeable 100% renewable silicone adhesive..self adhesive cup

No plastic film sweat barrier so that air can be freely exchanged between the skin and the ambient.

Transparent Polyurethane halter straps to provide any desired push up. No side straps. Same silicone adhpositioning the self adhesive braesive as the Femme natural silicone bra. 

Femme natural lite comes with a convenient travel case femme natural liteto protect the adhesive layer.

Storage may be either in a drawer or vonveniently hooked up.

Maerial: transparent high impact PVC.


femme natural lite packagesAlso great for display at the point of sale.

Adhesive 100 % silicone, reusable multiple times and renewable with Exsil adhesive renewer kit available as a separate sale item.

Available colors: Black, white, beige, pink.

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