Manufacturer of highly realistic Silicone breast forms with life like nipples, natural droop and mobility at affordable prices.

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attachable breast forms

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New developments:

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 Realistic breast forms

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Attachable breast forms

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Form and skin support patch
removing skin support patch from  release paper
Attaching the form onto the skin support patch
a feeling of "myself"

Exsil attachable breast forms

Attachable breast forms as opposed to self adhering breast forms:

Which one is best for me?

Both, self adhering breast forms and attachable breast forms will provide a significantly enhanced wearer satisfaction due to the aforementioned features which both versions have in common). However, attachable breast forms are in addition self sustaining, hence do not need to be used in conjunction with a bra, therfore allowing additional freedom for wearing special clothing, particularly one that reveals a person’s shoulder and back, such as strapless dress, halter tops, backless gowns or plunging necklines.

How to use attachable breast forms.

Exsil attachable breast forms consist of a skin support fabric tape and the breast form. The skin support fabric tape acts as the loop (fluffy side) portion of a velcro type fastening system. The breast form has permanent built in fixation elements alongside the entire perimeter which in turn represent the hook side of the velcro fastening system.( Fig 1).

The skin support fabric tape comes lined on its backside with a skin friendly hypoallergenic adhesive which adheres firmly to the skin after removing the release paper and applying it onto the chest wall. (Fig 2 and Fig 3).

The skin support fabric tape may be worn for several days and has to be renewed periodically. The fixation elements on the breast form are permanent.

Exsil offers skin support fabric tapes as a separate sales item.

The breast form is now ready to be attached to the skin support fabric tape (Fig.3 and Fig. 4).

As it is well known from a regular velcro fastening system, attaching and detaching of the breast form can be most practically repeated numerous times without difficulties.

The breast form will stay put firmly, allowing the user for any kind of sports activities. The adhesive is not affected by water or sweat.

Exsil attachable breast forms

Main features:

... usable without any bra, allowing for strapless dress, halter tops, backless 
  gowns or plunging necklines.

... skin support fabric tapes with medical hypoallergenic skin adhesive.

... skin support fabric tapes to last several days.

... recessed fixation elements to provide an almost gapless transition from the
  breast form to the chest wall.

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